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One-2-One Personalised Eyewear Styling Advice

An Eyewear Styling Consultation is something you probably aren't even aware existed when it comes to choosing your glasses.
So, what does it mean and what should you expect?

Eyewear Stylists, Erin & Jean, have completed a certified Eyewear Styling Course. This means they are able to provide you with a styling experience that is completely personalised to you in regards to your personality, style and your features to select eyewear that is going to enhance and complement each of these things about you.

Firstly, we do these consultations by appointment only. We would say to allow around 90 minutes for this to give us the time to spend with you and make sure we're getting to know you and your needs properly.

The first thing we'll get you to do is complete a short questionnaire. The answers to this will help us to identify your unique Style Personality and what sort of styles and materials of eyewear would be best suited to your personal clothing style and your personality in general. It may be that you are dominant in one particular Style Personality (e.g. Dramatic, Classic etc.) and therefore a particular style of frames, or that you flow between a couple of them meaning you may have a few different style preferences.

The next part leads us on to looking at your colouring. Here we are looking at the combination of your hair, skin and eye colour to identify which colours will enhance them all harmoniously. This is so important as wearing the wrong colour for your colouring can be extremely unflattering and that's certainly something we do NOT want!

We then move on to look at your face and your features to discover what sort of frame shapes will help to accentuate the features you prefer to stand out, or we may even select shapes to contradict any parts that you would want to take attention away from.

Finally, we put all of these components together to select eyewear that you will love as it matches your personality, style, colour and features to enhance your look and make you feel confident doing so.

Once all the fun of choosing the frames is out of the way, we will move on to discussing your lenses and which ones will be best suited to your requirements as well as your prescription.

what to bring with you to your eyewear styling appointment

Please bring with you a copy of your most recent up-to-date prescription as well as any previous glasses... And that's it!

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