our independent eyewear collections
A sustainable Italian eyewear brand in which frames are made from FSC certified Kauri & Bolivar wood that is ethically harvested and carefully crafted as to reveal the natural wood grain.
A pair of Feb31st frames is truly unique and as individual as the person wearing them.
Customise your own frame by choosing from a vast array of shapes as well as 40+ colours. As each wooden frame is made up of 13 layers of wood, the colour options really are endless!
You can choose many design details when it comes to designing your very own Feb 31st frame, and even have them engraved with text or an image that's completely personal to you.
Bespoke eyewear at it's finest!
Matttew is a Belgium brand owned and designed by the very talented Matthieu.
Matthieu studied industrial design at La Cambre, which is a renowned visual arts and architecture school in Brussels, and specialised writing a thesis on Eyewear one year.
He has designed eyewear for major brands and after extensive market research and with his knowledge of the manufacturing process, Matttew was born. Mattthieu wanted to design eyewear that would make people happy and make them feel like it lights up their face.
We are the ONLY stockists of Matttew in Scotland, so we can proudly say we can offer you something totally exclusive and unique with this collection.
If you love geometric shapes, cool detailing, technical design and incredible high-quality materials, then Matttew is your go-to eyewear range!
The newest eyewear collection to hit our boutique!

Danielle Rattray is an extremely talented female Scottish designer. Danielle's studio is in Stonehaven, where she designs her gorgeous frames, which are then all handmade in the Oyonnax region of France using Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and Visottica hinges.

Danielle's signature is her rock-meets-romance aesthetic resulting in eyewear that is bold in shape and clean in design. Strong and understated colour combined with the finest quality fabrication and components.

This is the perfect collection for those who are petite but want to be able to rock a bold statement look that doesn't overpower their features.
Glasses handmade from Vinyl records.
It surely doesn't get much cooler than that!
Vinylize was founded in 2014 by Hungarian-American Zachary Tipton when he came across his father's old vinyl record collection, giving him the inspiration for repurposing them into beautifully handcrafted statement pieces of eyewear.
Since 2014 they have recycled 40 tons of vinyl, selecting only the most visually stunning ones to become a Vinylize piece.
As worn by celebrities such as Elton John, Robbie Williams and Elvis Costello. Vinylize Eyewear is perfect for any music fanatics, vinyl collectors or anyone who just loves the concept!
Wear a piece of music history with a rocking pair of Vinylize frames.
Meet OtrO!
A Brazilian eyewear brand inspired by the joy and vibrancy of Brazil itself.
We are so excited to be able to say we are the FIRST exclusive stockists in the UK of this exquisite collection.
OtrO boast bold over-sized styles, full of vibrant prints and colour, in the most incredible shapes.
Each collection by OtrO is limited edition and no two frames are ever the exact same.
Artist and designer of the brand, Érida Schaefer, creates all of her unique prints, initially painting them by hand. They are then digitized on a special fabric and inserted into the premium Italian Acetate that the frames are made from.
OtrO Eyewear is bold, vibrant and feminine, and is perfect for the person who wants eye-catching eyewear that makes a statement and is 100% unique!
You are certain to turn heads in a pair of Albert I'mStein frames!
If you're looking for creative and individual eyewear, this is the brand for you.
This playful eyewear brand originates in Poland but is manufactured in Korea using high grade materials to ensure the highest quality.
The styles are fun and unique, encouraging you to be bold and confidently stand out from the crowd. Their frames reflect the character of the wearer and are not defined by age or gender. They also feature some quirky shapes and colour combinations, as well as unique details (such as the Zig-Zag bridge).
Come on, life's too short to be serious ALL of the time.
Show off your playful side with confidently bold eyewear from Albert I'mStein!

Face a Face are a Parisian brand whose eyewear is high end, rich in colour and expressive.
They combine fashion with architecture to create designs that play with volumes, shapes, materials & textures.
Ultra modern, daringly distinctive shapes & unique hues that are inspired by contemporary art.
Hand-crafted by skilled craftspeople in France & Italy.
Face a Face eyewear is quintessentially Parisian, with eyewear styles that ooze elegance.
This independent family-owned company are based at the foot of the Dolomites and specialise in providing technical products of exceptional quality, with each of their frames only being produced in small quantities by some of the best eyewear artisans in Northern Italy.
Founded in 2010 by Jeremy Baines, with a vision of creating eyewear that makes a statement, but that's quality and detail can also be seen and felt in each and every Tavat frame.
Family is certainly at the heart of this brand with Jeremey's children, Roberta and Ian, now taking care of the day-to-day operations of the business.

Laveta is an ecofriendly wooden sunglass brand handmade in Andalucia using non-laminated wood to create some really unique and cool sunglass frames.
A lot of passion, effort and dedication goes into each frame to make them a unique accessory. No two pieces of wood are identical, so there will never be two pairs of Laveta frames exactly the same!
The wood is super light making them comfortable to wear as well as extremely stylish.
We are the one of only TWO stockists of Laveta in the whole of the UK.
Morel is a French eyewear designer and their story is one of a family that has been creating eyewear for four generations.
Each generation learned from the one before, adding their own vision each time to make Morel the diverse brand they are today.
There are many ranges within the Morel brand itself, each offering a completely different style of frame - from retro to classic to sophisticated - meaning you'll not be stuck for choice when selecting a Morel frame.
One thing they do all have in common though, is that they are all very elegant and a joy to wear.