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Fed up with lack of choice and dull boring eyewear that all looks the same?
At Occhiali Bespoke Eyewear Boutique, we will take you on a completely personalised eyewear styling experience to guarantee you'll find glasses you fall in love with & that express your own unique style and personality.
Just bring in a copy of your up-to-date prescription and we'll take care of the rest!
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What we believe in
We believe everyone should have eyewear they feel confident in and are proud to wear.

We have carefully sourced some of the finest handcrafted independent eyewear brands from around the world to ensure we offer an extensive range of unique styles, colours & materials to assure you have plenty of choice when selecting your frames.

Whether you're looking for modest or to make a statement, our collections offer something to complement everyone's individual look & style.

Our aim is to change the way you view eyewear.
We want you to see it not just as a necessity, but as a great accessory in enhancing your look, expressing your personality while making you feel absolutely fabulous!

If your glasses are going to be the first thing people notice about you, then why wouldn't you want to make them all of these things?!

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The faces behind the frames...

Founded by Erin & Scott. Scott is one of the Directors at the Cutting Edge Hair Salon in Cupar and has years of experience in running a successful business alongside his family, and Erin is a fully qualified Dispensing Optician with 13 years experience in the Optical industry. Erin has worked in various optician practices and had got fed up with the lack of choice she encountered at them all. With her love for fashion, she quickly fell in love with unique eyewear from designers all over the world after visiting optical trade shows in London & Paris. This is exactly what you'll find at Occhiali Bespoke Eyewear Boutique - unique eyewear designs from niche eyewear designers from places such as France, Italy, Spain and Belgium (to name a few), that are sure to make you feel and look amazing.

styling consultations

Let us be your personal eyewear shoppers!

We understand it can be a difficult and daunting experience choosing your new glasses.

That's why we offer completely bespoke styling consultations that takes away the stress and actually makes the process fun and something to look forward to.

Erin & Jean are accredited Eyewear Stylists and will guide you through the journey of discovering the perfect frames for you.
Just bring in your most recent up-to-date prescription, and we'll take care of the rest.

Think of them like personal shoppers, but for your eyewear wardrobe!

what to expect from your
bespoke EYEWEAR styling consultation
Our SPRING SALE is now LIVE!!!

We are excited to announce our FIRST ever frame sale!
We don't know when we'll be holding another sale, so if you want to take advantage of big savings on our fabulous frames then you'll need to be FAST.

Maybe you're in the market for new glasses anyway, or perhaps you'd just like to save on your next pair of frames. If so, you can purchase the frames in our sale on their own and then, if and when you're ready to have your prescription lenses fitted into them, you can return to us with your frames and your prescription to do so.

Head over to our online shop or come on by our boutique to view our entire sale collection.


Why not give someone you love the gift of amazing eyewear?

Do you have any spectacle wearing friends or family who'd just LOVE to receive a gift voucher towards a pair of our fabulous glasses?
Pop into our eyewear boutique to pick one up for them!

Vouchers can be used towards prescription or non-prescription glasses or sunglasses, and start in amounts as low as £20.



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